Friday, 12 October 2007

What A Minefield!

So any of you brave soles managed to work out what the flip you are entitled to from the Government in respect of your new addition, and how the flip you claim it? (hey d'ya all see how i'm trying not to swear anymore?! good practice for when the little one arrives!)

No wonder the kid in the photo looks hacked off, his parents couldn't find out anything either! Thats pretty much what I looked like after about an hour trawling round various Government web-sites, full of loads of information, but telling you very little. Rule of thumb is, if it's a form to pay THEM money, it's one page with about 3 boxes to fill in, if you want to get somethin out of em, it resembles the phone directory.

The best I can find is this link:

Do please share with us all if you've found out any gems!
Anyone got any news or updates? let it all out here!

Ian & Julie


Katie & Michael said...

Hello All

How are we all doing??

Thanks guys for the site info - my god how do people get anything?? I am thinking of calling the job centre to find out a bit more - apparently this is the place that knows and will have the answers! Will keep you updated

Lots of love

Katie & Michael


Anonymous said...


Found the below link which seems to show a couple of quite good schedules on pages 4 & 6 as to what you are entitled to (or not!) re child tax/ and working tax credit depending on household income.

No baby news from anyone yet then? We have to go get a scan on Thursday to see if we have a large baby. Anyone else been referred for this? How did it go?

Claire & Paul


Leigh Babies said...

Well done for volunteering to check out the Job Centre Katie & Michael ;-) Let us know how you get on..

Good luck with the scan Claire & Paul, and thanks for the link too.

we are officially due in a week and a bit... so could be any day now (scary!)

Julie & Ian