Tuesday, 30 October 2007

It's a Boy!

But then we always knew that bit....

Julie and I are very pleased to announced the arrival of Thomas James today! A drug free, home water birth in tip top time (6 hrs) - he was born at 9:55am. Here he is being weighed in - a very respectable 7lb 1.

Julie was amazing, and she fully recommends the water birth, she said it helped a lot. Not sure how helpful the full details are to you all at this stage, but if anyone wants to ask\know anything post a comment or drop us an e-mail.

We are both still taking it in - and I don't mind saying I blubbed like a blubby thing when he finally appeared.

Best wishes all - looking forward to hearing about your bundles of joy v soon!

Julie & Ian

PS - Sarh and Dan, Katie and Michael, drop me the e-mail addresses that you signed up to 'blogger' with - I can then make you 'editors' so you can then submit your own posts. If anyone else wants to sign up (it's free!) please do so, & i'll do the same.

Friday, 12 October 2007

What A Minefield!

So any of you brave soles managed to work out what the flip you are entitled to from the Government in respect of your new addition, and how the flip you claim it? (hey d'ya all see how i'm trying not to swear anymore?! good practice for when the little one arrives!)

No wonder the kid in the photo looks hacked off, his parents couldn't find out anything either! Thats pretty much what I looked like after about an hour trawling round various Government web-sites, full of loads of information, but telling you very little. Rule of thumb is, if it's a form to pay THEM money, it's one page with about 3 boxes to fill in, if you want to get somethin out of em, it resembles the phone directory.

The best I can find is this link:

Do please share with us all if you've found out any gems!
Anyone got any news or updates? let it all out here!

Ian & Julie

Monday, 1 October 2007

inaugural post!

Well here it is! I never promised it'd be flash, but I hope it'll serve a purpose... and that is to publish pictures and details of the births. However, if there is anything else you want to post on here, just e-mail me:-
  • additional websites to add to the links section

  • questions that the others may be able to help with (e.g. how do you get poo out of my best rug..)

  • advise

  • meet ups etc etc

I'll post up whatever you send me, and hopefully someone will reply!

Finally, do me a favour, and post a comment to this message will ya? It'll help me to make sure i've got all the setting right. Just click the 'comments' link, add your text (please sign it!), complete the word verification and post using the 'anonymous' option. It SHOULD add your reply instantly (but we'll see!!).

Think that's all for now