Monday, 1 October 2007

inaugural post!

Well here it is! I never promised it'd be flash, but I hope it'll serve a purpose... and that is to publish pictures and details of the births. However, if there is anything else you want to post on here, just e-mail me:-
  • additional websites to add to the links section

  • questions that the others may be able to help with (e.g. how do you get poo out of my best rug..)

  • advise

  • meet ups etc etc

I'll post up whatever you send me, and hopefully someone will reply!

Finally, do me a favour, and post a comment to this message will ya? It'll help me to make sure i've got all the setting right. Just click the 'comments' link, add your text (please sign it!), complete the word verification and post using the 'anonymous' option. It SHOULD add your reply instantly (but we'll see!!).

Think that's all for now


Sarah and Dan said...

Firstly I would like to thank Ian for setting up this blog for us – now we can post all our thoughts and photo’s. I guess we all owe you some pear cider. Cheers my dear.

Now we have finished the antenatal classes and we know all there is about birth - is anyone else having daunting thoughts about how many baby grows are enough to get you through the first three months - will they wear all the clothes you have bought - what to do if a relative purchases some thing you really don’t like and you have to dress your bundle of joy in some hideous item of clothing and then been seen in public. If not I bet you are now!

Anyways until the contractions start I won’t fill this site with me rambling on.

Good luck to Ian and Julie who will be the first – please let us know how it all goes.

Leigh Babies said...

Hi Sarah and Dan, and well done for beeing the first to spot i'd ball'sd up the posting bit! It should be ok now... Someone else give it a go please?!

Well I read you should be expecting to change nappies around 6 times a day (do i get 2 points for that?), so that must be a fair few baby grows to get through!

Will drop an e-mail to the others who wanted to be contacted in a few days, hopefully get us a few new recruits!

Ian & Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

This is the first chance we have had to log onto the site, and we just wanted to say how fab it is and thank Ian for setting it up.

I think Neil and I will be one of the last to have our baby so in the mean time while we wait patiently for our little bundle to arrive, we will look forward to seeing all your pictures and hearing how super smooth your births went ;o)

Take care everyone.
Lots of love, Katie and Neil

Anonymous said...


We think the blogspot is great! thanks so much for thinking of this and setting up.

Sarah and Dan,

We have been thinking about the 'frightening outfit' dilemma as well. We think dress them in the outfit when the offending relative is due to come round and then quickly remove outfit as soon as they leave? Make up an excuse not to meet up in public, or go out in the dark. Hopefully baby will grow out of outfit quickly...

Good luck to all. Will be visiting site regularly to see how everyone is getting on.

Claire & Paul


Katie & Michael said...

Hello All

Massive thank you to Ian for setting this up for us all to gossip. It's excellent.

Hope every one is ok and enjoying (I think thats the right thing to say!!!) our last few weeks until all our babies turn up.

Ian and Julie, Good luck not long now - so you guys will be our leaders in what we need to do!! bewere there are going to be loads of question.

Good luck everyone. Hope to see/speak to you soon

Loads of Love
Katie & Michael