Monday, 26 November 2007

Bang on time......

1 hour and 33 mins passed her due date and Eloisa arrived into the world.

24th November at 1.33am weighing 7lb 8oz.

Here is the proud father with our new bundle of joy.

And here is one I made earlier.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Its a.......................


Hi all

Firstly I am sorry this has taken a week to do.

Michael and I have had our baby. A little boy called Ryan.

It wasn't as easy as we hoped but he came in the end - i blame the cold weather - to cold for me as well!!

My waters broke at 2.15pm last Saturday but I had no contractions at all - off to hospital we went to make sure all was ok. All was and they said if we didn't go into labout by Monday morning we were going to be induced!!!!

But at 6.30pm that night they were there!! We got to 4 centemeters by 2.00 am on sunday morning and all was looking good to have baby by midday. I went on the gas and air at about 5. am but at 7.00am i still was at 4 cm - nothing had changed.

Off we went to hospital in the ambulance by 12.00pm still nothing had changed by this time i had been in labour for 18 hours and we dicided to have an epidural.

Ryan finnaly turned up at 8:15pm weighing 6lbs 12oz after 30 hours in labour but all worth it in the end.

All is well and now just settling into family life.